Friday, January 6, 2012

new years eve and the resolutions we make...

New years is often a really big occasion, it is a time to reflect on the year just past and of course make those resolutions for the year to come. This years' new years eve was quite for me. Myself and a few of my close friends spend the night having a delicious dinner and playing an intense game of Whoville-opoly (it the the Grinch verse of monopoly) before the count down to the midnight fireworks. Throughout the night resolutions were pondered with the obvious always being mentioned; staying healthy, loosing weight, spend more time with family. Although these are great I wanted my resolutions to be more intentional and individualistic to my year ahead. I am sharing them, though few, with you so you can help me be accountable and achieve them. So here they are:
  1. take photos more regularly and more of them.  
  2. handmade gifts/presents 
  3. be intentional in my relationships with people 
  4. to quote my friend Rhys - delve into the word
  5. master a new skill (this one is a little vague as I'm not sure what skill I wish to master yet)
Hope you have made some wonderful resolutions for yourself also. Feel free to share any of yours with me by leaving a comment. 

...and why the picture of time square you say. Well I have always wanted to go to new york and to be in time square for new years so my family has made the decision to go to the wonderful USA for xmas in 2013 and then hit up new york for the coming of 2014! I am quite excited even now!

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