Friday, January 6, 2012

my favourite room in the house...

I have a wonderfully talented dad (he is a builder) and with the help of myself over boxing day and the day after, we built a room within our garage to be my very own craft room! I absolutely love it and is now my most favourite room in the house. Here are a few pics of some of the fabulous things this room now holds.
1. A selfmade storage hanger to put all my paper bits and pieces in. 
2. One of the many softies that I have made with my old sewing machine (it use to be my mothers, dad actually gave it to her as an engagement present)
3. A small portion of my beautiful fabric collection which now finally has a place to be on display. 

I will take some proper photos of the room and will post these soon as well as an update on my christmas!

1 comment:

  1. so lucky, green with envy! Lovely to see you creating!