Saturday, April 28, 2012

wishlist new camera bag...

I am forever wanting to take my camera/s with me places but hate having to take a huge camera bag and then another personal bag for everything else...or i just leave the camera bag at home and just carry the camera all day. Here is the perfect solution to my problem...a cute tote camera bag for ladies by Jo Totes. The one I most like the most is the Rose - Marigold shown here...It looks like a normal everyday bag but has the protective and storage capabilities for your camera, a Polaroid, additional lenses, as well as all the other things you might need for the day. IT IS A DEFINITE ON MY WISH LIST!!! You should pop over and have a look at some of her other fabulous designs.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Give away over at her library adventures...

A lovely lady over at her library adventure is featuring a giveaway at the moment where her lucky readers can have the opportunity to win a handmade dress by naughty shorts... Just like the picture below, you even get to choose the fabric you like. So pop on over and visit and see how you can win this little gem over here: Her Library Adventures - Naughty Shorts giveaway!

lest we forget.

25th april - ANZAC day...a day of remembrance for those that fought and have fallen in the WWI. i was planning on going to the dawn service on the esplanade...unfortunately i was really tired and didn't wake for such an early start, instead i got up and went for a morning run along the water edge and stopped to have a look at the anzac memorial.


love from cairns...

two sundays ago i set off with a wonderful friend from uni on a road trip to cairns. we are staying in this sunny (well not so sunny at the moment as it has rained since last thursday) for five weeks while we work at the cairns base hospital for placement. we are both a little crazy and that made for a fun trip in the car complete with silly games and belting out some tunes. Here are a few photos through the lens of my iPhone of our adventures in airlie beach, cairns, palm cove and a walk to the Barron Falls (where Beck got us lost).

.: our journey has began
.: the long long drive from Brisbane to Cairns
.: airlie Beach
.: this is the lovely Beck...we kinda loved Airlie Beach
.: palm Cove
.: a breakie date
.: dinner out that ended with a huge death by chocolate dessert we all shared
.: swimming at the Lagoon
.: some delicious gelati
.: we finally made it to barron falls after some detouring

Monday, March 5, 2012

one of the best weekends of this year...

it was a few weekends ago now, but it was so wonderful that I just had to blog about it! a lovely lady is getting married in around three weeks (i can hardly believe it is this close already) and we had a bit of an adventure down to Evans Head. Pictures are way more fun than words so here are a few of the fun we have had. Have a look over here to see the maid of honour reflection of this weekend and the bride to be herself here

Sunday, February 26, 2012

a lovely valentines surprise

valentines day for the single people like myself is just another day. however i have the loveliest friend from over here who sent me some surprise mail, that included a hand made teabag (which was i enjoyed while watching a movie or two)

catching up...

it has been a little over a month since i have blogged and i have been keeping a list of all the wonderful things i have been doing that i must share with you. these will include:

.. some DIY projects i have been doing
.. a lovely hens weekend away
.. my latest thrift finds
.. some surprise mail on valentines day  

stay tuned for these and more adventures that happen along the way. 

a blessed saturday...

so I have been a little of the radar lately and my apologies for that. however I had a truly wonderful weekend and I thought it was a good post to come back with. 

saturday, as a lot of you know that live in QLD, was a rainy day. the kind of weather that you stay at home and snuggle up to a good book and a cup of tea..but this is not why it was a blessed day for me. 

Saturday 25th February 2012 was the day my brother was baptised. 

some of his closest and most important people braved the rain to witness the amazing decision he had made, and share how proud and happy they were for him.

and then into the water we went and he was baptised by these important ladies, his big sisters!  

I am so very proud of you!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New blog header...

along with my new blog name I have finally put together the new blog header.
What do you think??

These are some of the many faces I came in contact with while I was travelling in Nepal mid last year. Even in a country with so little, it's people are still so happy and manage to give you such wonderful smiles that you yourself cannot help but smile back. I love the people of Nepal and I love their country. 

So here they are the inspiration to the new blog ...simply smile. 

Weekend Shenanigans!

After a public holiday on thursday this week, I felt as thought I had some quality time with some wonderful people this week and that continued into the weekend. 

Saturday Sabbath School and Church in the morning, followed by a wonderful lunch and a crazy game of Monopoly. There was also a game of rapidough and Settlers before a girls evening of craft, thai and Channing Tatum, while the boys had a poker night. 

This is the quilt I have been working on for the last 5 months and I attempted to add the finishing touches at craft night but it didn't happen. 

Sunday A bit of cleaning, moving and demolish of an old stage at our church. Lets just say that I have a rather large bruise from the day and no idea how I got it. But it was fun just hanging out with some of my favourite people and managing to score three of these wonderful chairs! 

.: leave me a comment sharing some of your weekend shenanigans :.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Australia Day 2012!

Australia Day. A day meant for fun, friends, sun and BBQ. This is exactly what this years was. Myself and the the cool kids you see below all headed out to wynnum and had fish and chips for lunch, some swimming, skating and beach cricket. Needless to say we are all a significantly amount redder since our time in the sun, but it was worth it for the day we had.  Later that afternoon we also headed off to our friend friends place for a bit of a going away party, BBQ more swimming and fun times with friends. 



It surprises me so much when I go back to visit GoMA and see how much has changed and the exciting new exhibits! During this horrible rainy weather this week, Myself and My friend Beth decided to make the most of the day anyway and took a trip to GoMA. Here are some of the fun things that are there at the moment...

After a quick run back to the bus in the rain (we forgot to take an umbrella) we finished our day off with Home made Pizza's and a bit of a Revenge Marathon. This is a new TV series about to start in Australia and I couldn't get enough of it...I would recommend you get on it!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

the joys of being a teacher...

This weekend has been an eventful one, with todays Sunday not being the typical. A few of my friends have recently all gotten jobs at the exact same school where we all went, teaching various subjects and grades. Today a few of us rallied at the school to assemble desks, move furniture, decorate or just organise things.  I had the job of sewing and hanging fabric items in Miss Cosier's year seven room. Here are some pics of what I did.

She was quite excited to finally have all the decorating done and her room starting to look fun!

Hank's 50th!

On saturday night the big 50th party was a go... there was a lot of time and effort put into keeping the party a surprise but so we found out on the night Dad had actually known all week due to a little think called facebook!

Here are some of the photos from the evening! It was a really fun night just chilling with people that truly are in our lives for the better.