Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a little bit of christmas!

Christmas 2009.
This was my christmas tree...

I was living in California, America and it was completely covered in snow and beautiful! We hand cut down our tree and spent all of christmas eve night hand making popcorn garlands and decorations we found around the house. I know the tree doesn't look like much and we had virtually no christmas presents, but it surely was a christmas I will always remember.

a WHITE CHRISTMAS is a must experience event!

Christmas 2010.
Our house flooded at 2am christmas morning and the family was up sweeping water away from the house. You may think this is a unlucky thing but my family although worried about our house had a wonderful time laughing about how silly we must look and how worse things could have happened. Luck for us the rain stopped and we headed down to Kingscliff for a family christmas with my Grandy and a nice drive along the coast line.

Christmas 2011. 
Who knows what unplanned events will be in store, but I am looking forward to some quality family and friend time. 

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