Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a changed life...

This year has been a year of big events and fun trips... the most exciting of these was a service trip to the wonderful NEPAL! A group of 15 young people set off with a mission to help a little school in Dadaguan Village. The result was a revamped school, happy nepalese children and our lives changed. Here are some of the images from our time over in this great colourful country.

1. One of the many temples in Nepal
2. Parachute games...a popular game with all the children at the school
3. A little girl named Kriti
4 & 5. Some crazy kindergarden children who loved having their photo taken. 
6. Some of the amazing team and my favourite people...what a blessing to travel overseas with your best friends.
7. Sabina
8, 9 & 10. Some of the colour and locals of Nepal.
11. Prayer wheels. 

For more images and stories of the trip check out these lovely ladies who also came on the trip with me!

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