Friday, December 23, 2011

2 lovely blogs and a lovely giveaway...

There is this amazing talented lady called Tabitha Emma, she is a blogger and also has her own online shop. Another lovely lady over at Manzanita, also a blogger, has an interview with Tabitha about what she does and the inspiration behind her designs and blog as well as give away (the three beautiful handmade brooches by Tabitha, featured in the picture). If you love things unique and beautiful you would love these ladies you should definitely pay them a visit.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a little bit of christmas!

Christmas 2009.
This was my christmas tree...

I was living in California, America and it was completely covered in snow and beautiful! We hand cut down our tree and spent all of christmas eve night hand making popcorn garlands and decorations we found around the house. I know the tree doesn't look like much and we had virtually no christmas presents, but it surely was a christmas I will always remember.

a WHITE CHRISTMAS is a must experience event!

Christmas 2010.
Our house flooded at 2am christmas morning and the family was up sweeping water away from the house. You may think this is a unlucky thing but my family although worried about our house had a wonderful time laughing about how silly we must look and how worse things could have happened. Luck for us the rain stopped and we headed down to Kingscliff for a family christmas with my Grandy and a nice drive along the coast line.

Christmas 2011. 
Who knows what unplanned events will be in store, but I am looking forward to some quality family and friend time. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the big 50!

My Dad is turning 50 this coming year which means it is a time to throw a party, after all he is now half way to 100 (as my brother and myself keep reminding him). Dad is not the time of person for big parties so we are just going to have a bonfire and bbq at our place as he requested. What he doesn't know is that we are theming the party to match is ultimate holiday love - Cruise ship!

Mum and I are in the process of making and sending out invitations and organising decorations and these are some of our inspiration.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for me leave a comment, I would most appreciate it. 

a changed life...

This year has been a year of big events and fun trips... the most exciting of these was a service trip to the wonderful NEPAL! A group of 15 young people set off with a mission to help a little school in Dadaguan Village. The result was a revamped school, happy nepalese children and our lives changed. Here are some of the images from our time over in this great colourful country.

1. One of the many temples in Nepal
2. Parachute games...a popular game with all the children at the school
3. A little girl named Kriti
4 & 5. Some crazy kindergarden children who loved having their photo taken. 
6. Some of the amazing team and my favourite people...what a blessing to travel overseas with your best friends.
7. Sabina
8, 9 & 10. Some of the colour and locals of Nepal.
11. Prayer wheels. 

For more images and stories of the trip check out these lovely ladies who also came on the trip with me!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

...simply smile

So no doubt, if you are a follower of creative colorful musings, you would have noticed an absence of blog updates for a substantial time. I truly am sorry for my lack of posts over the last six months and in an attempt to get back into regular blogging I am going to give the blog a makeover and change the name to simply smile.

Simply smile is a way of reminding myself not to get bogged down in the hectic craziness of life (as I have been recently), but instead take the time to notice the beautiful things and people around you. A simple smile can show a complete stranger they are not alone in the world and completely brighten ones day!

Hope you all enjoy the new look (still a working progress)and posts comings very shortly!

...simply smile