Friday, May 6, 2011

DIY projects...

I have already hinted in a previous post that I have been doing a few fun crafty things in the spare time I have. This is my favourite to date is these photo frames I have revamped to hang in my room.  I have collected a few wonderful vintage frames from the local oppies and turned them into this...

 If you would like to make your own memorable creation... there are a few things you must gather:

  • vintage frame, or frame of any kind
  • chicken wire and a staple gun to attach it
  • twine
  • memorable mementos and photos
  • pegs, string, ribbion, paper clips, anything really that you would like to put in the frames. 

First thing you must do is remove that photo within the frame and cut the chicken wire to the right size. you can then use a staple gun to attach the wire and the twine to hold the frame on the wall. 

 Its now time to get creative and use all manner of photos, mementos, ribbons and such to turn your frames into your own personal art work to hang on your wall.  I used small wooden pegs, various ribbons, pieces of material and colourful bulldog clips.
There is no right or wrong, just start placing photos random and eventually it will begin to resemble something like this...
Now all that is left to do is hang it on the wall and admire your handy work! 

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