Thursday, April 7, 2011

the past couple of weeks...

It has been quite awhile since my last blog, it is the first thing that I drop when life gets too busy and I dislike that ALOT as I enjoy blogging so much!  Many things have happened since then that I will attempt to share with you all in this blog and the next few.

The biggest news being that I turned 21!!! I celebrate my actually birthday with these lovely ladies...
They are crazy and fun and made my birthday special even if though we had to study all day!

I also had my 21st birthday party!!! This one merits its own post so stay tuned!

One of my small group girls got baptised at the spit...

Trip to Bunnings with Dad and a few DIY projects... I am quite proud of my efforts and would like to share them with you in a post soon.

Study with a bit of a difference... writing on windows!

Macaroon making with Mali...

Early mornings with beautiful sunrises...

Sewing my first dress with Mumsy's help... I shall share the finish product when I'm done.

Chilled afternoons at home...complete with some rally mower driving by Jarryd!

There are many things, as you can see, that I am planning to blog about in the near future...STAY TUNED!!!


  1. love the sunrise pic chic. i've been working on my first dress for, oh, must be 8months now!! got to a tricky bit and stopped! maybe i need your mumsy's help too!!

  2. just gorgeous. thank you for sharing your lovely adventures. i miss bunnings trips with my dad so much. love!