Monday, April 11, 2011

alice in wonderland...

The saturday night just passed, I attended yet another 21st party with a looney tunes and disney characters theme. I have already shared with you all my love of Alice and my plans to sew my outfit. I had my reservations about it being my first attempt at sewing a dress, but with the help of Mumsy and Julie (Mum and I both don't know how to sew zips, so all the credit to her for teaching me) the dress was a success.
 I even ended up sewing Mum and Dad's outfits, they went as Jessie and Woody from Toy Story...The rest of the Alice gang!

21st that was...

two weekends ago there was this was filled with fun, laughter, bonfire, good food, wonderful friends, picture posing and a nerd named Ned! 
The party was everything that I could have dreamed of and a lot more... I had a wonderful photo wall where you could pose with different props, LOTS of food (and I don't say that lightly Mum went to town with the cooking and it was delicious!) and a HUGE bonfire (not exaggerating, my Dad is a bit of a pyromaniac).
It was such a fun night, and as all 21st have, embarrassment on my part. My parentals, the wonderful people they are, decided it would be hilarious to hire a singing telegram. Mine was in the form of a Nerd...lets just say there was a lot of dancing (which I totally do not do) and a few embarrassing stories. My Dad also cracked out a 'beautiful' childhood photo to put on display.
See how excited he is!
I was a little bit forgetful on the night and forgot to say thank you to a few key people who made the party what it was!
Mum and Dad - Thanks for the last 21 years and all you have done for me, as well as cooking like a crazy person and building photo walls, not to mention all the other goodness of the night! 
Mali and Kellie - You girls are the bestest friends I could have even wished for and so much more. Without you both I wouldn't have even had a party, let alone all the decorating and organising you helped with! 
Jarryd and Kylan - These boys helped dad assemble a lot of things for the night, even after been woken up early! I appreciate you both and love all the fun times we have!

Thanks everyone for coming, you all made my night really special and memorable! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the past couple of weeks...

It has been quite awhile since my last blog, it is the first thing that I drop when life gets too busy and I dislike that ALOT as I enjoy blogging so much!  Many things have happened since then that I will attempt to share with you all in this blog and the next few.

The biggest news being that I turned 21!!! I celebrate my actually birthday with these lovely ladies...
They are crazy and fun and made my birthday special even if though we had to study all day!

I also had my 21st birthday party!!! This one merits its own post so stay tuned!

One of my small group girls got baptised at the spit...

Trip to Bunnings with Dad and a few DIY projects... I am quite proud of my efforts and would like to share them with you in a post soon.

Study with a bit of a difference... writing on windows!

Macaroon making with Mali...

Early mornings with beautiful sunrises...

Sewing my first dress with Mumsy's help... I shall share the finish product when I'm done.

Chilled afternoons at home...complete with some rally mower driving by Jarryd!

There are many things, as you can see, that I am planning to blog about in the near future...STAY TUNED!!!