Friday, March 4, 2011

im still learning...

Once again this week has been a crazy one filled with lots of uni study! My days have been filled with:
long drives down the highway... this week I had a lovely hot air balloon to muse over.
8am study dates with Kaycee in the library.
lunch in the shade of trees... waiting for my next 5 hours of classes.
the same 5 hour which are so boring... very little note taking occurred.
then at the end of the day... a long walk back to my car. 

However with all this craziness, I attempted to listen and be a model student giving you this FUN FACT: Your corpus callosum (it joins your left and right sides of the brain) does not myelinate until you are 30 years old. Meaning you do not have full capacity and use of both sides of the brain at one time until this age! 

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