Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dinner with the Parentals...

When Dad was a kid his Mum would get him and his brother Chicken Maryland for dinner occasionally from a local cafe/restaurant. Till this day it is one of his favourite meals that he has ever eaten and every time he describes it he gets this glint in his eyes and smile on his face.

Well this week the local RSL club had a special 9.90 for Chicken Maryland for dinner. Dad couldn't miss the opportunity to rekindle with his past love (needless to say he was a little disappointed) but even as we were waiting in the line to order Dad was describing to me what it actually is. For those of you who don't know, it pretty much a leg of Chicken (and in Dad's ideal meal) has fried pineapple, banana and vegetables with it. Ours was not like had salad, roast potatoes and a lemongrass sauce covered the chicken. It did not live up to his expectations, but I let him in on a secret that after 30 years of waiting and wishing for this dream meal I don't think it ever will. Even so, I was a nice meal and a fun night with my parentals!
He still managed to scrap every last bit of chicken of the bone, as well as finishing mine :) 

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