Friday, February 11, 2011

101 list update...

48. Learn how to wakeboard - After a long frustrating attempts on previous weekends, I finally got up on my first try if you can believe it on Aussie Day 26.01.11 

51. Go to 5 concerts -  I attende Brooke Fraser at the Tivoli on 27.01.11 with Mali, Kellie, Kelsey and Luke. She was fabulous and we even got to meet her after the show.  

83. Collect more and organise craft stuff - This month and the last (Jan & Feb 2011) I have slowly been collecting fabrics, and have now completely filled on large box and starting a second, I also bought a sewing box. 
92. Go to the driving range -  A spare of the moment decision to go to the driving range on 30.01.11 It was the first time for both Sarah and I, we loved it!  

94. Go to suitcase rummage with Mali and Kel - I've already blog about the Rummage but to officially cross it of my list it was completed on 06.02.11

35. Clean out my closet - This one was done in preparation for the rummage on 13.01.11 
96. Buy a lamp - this one was completed yesterday (10.02.11). Mum and I went for a trip to Ikea and there it was on special and I just couldn't resist. 

31. Get a new pair of thongs - this one was necessity, my old thongs were becoming a little worn and not as reliable so new ones we bought this month (February 2011).   

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