Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Weekend...

Friday night - A group if us went out to wynnum for a bit of a skate and some fish 'n' chips to open up sabbath and just have a good time. 

Saturday - What a wonderful sabbath day it in the morning, teen meeting lunch with some cricket and then a swim and digging up of a time capsule that night. 

Sorry I don't have any photo's of the time capsule (they are on Mali's camera), but the story behind it is... My friend Rhys has just returned from a 7 month holiday in Canada. The last night that he was here in Australia Mali, Tim, Jason, Rhys and Myself built a time capsule. We each put one object in each which included; a ping pong ball, an egg, a flower, a 5c piece, a playing card and a few other things. Last night we opened it! It took awhile actually locating where we had buried it and there was a lot of aimless digging going on, but after awhile we finally found by cracking the box. It absolutely stunk and was fun trying to figure out what all the now decaying objects were. It was a really fun night and it is really good to have Rhys back home!

Sunday - was less exciting as I had to work, but this did entail me going to a 6 year olds birthday party, which meant I got lollies and cake so it wasn't all bad. 


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