Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dirty Dishes and Darkness Deciders...

Sunday night Dad came up with this brilliant idea that we would play WII BOWLING, best of three games to decide who does the dishes - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!
Half way through the first game we lost power and all bets were off - Jarryd and I were a little annoyed as we were not doing the dishes thus far BUT the night was not over...

Some candles were found and a few torches located we were set for some YAHTZEE! It was then decided that if the power didn't return this would be the decider. Four games through and the power returned...Jarryd and dad were excited as they weren't doing so well. 

In the end the total of five games, both yahtzee and bowling, decided the WINNER and most importantly the LOSER and guess who that was...ME!!! I wasn't happy at all and everyone knew it, as I was almost positive after yahtzee that I would not be doing the dishes. 

It turned out to be a really fun night just playing games, eating ice-cream and chilling with my uber rad family!!!

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