Tuesday, January 11, 2011

101 list update...

It has been awhile since I posted on my 101 in 1001 days progress.  I have completed a few and started a few...

8. Get a Skateboard - I bought my longboard  on the 27.12.10. And ever since I have been looking for opportunities to take her out for a ride. I even have her sitting in the back of my car sometimes just incase!

37. Add 5 seasons to my TV series collection of various shows - I recently bought the first season of The Vampire Diaries and my brother bought the final season of Mcleod's Daughter for me as a xmas present.  

42. Update the songs on my ipod - I did this one by accident on the 23.12.10, as I got a new iphone so it became my ipod as well.

51. Go to 5 concerts - I went to Jack Johnson on the 13.12.10 he was amazing! I also have a Brooke Fraser concert coming up this January. Only a few more to go...

59. 365 day photo project - I found this app for iphone that is exactly this, so it makes it easy for me to remember. I have been doing it from the 01.01.11 its really cool way to document the fun things you did throughout the year.

60. Read 50 books - Currently I am reading the Vampire academy series, three of which I have already finished. I have also completed a few other series prior to these to add to the list. 
71. Dye my hair red - This one was only completed recently. I have dyed it red before and I loved it, so on Sunday (09.01.11) I dyed it again. What do you think?

76. Buy a teapot and drink more tea - this one was done for me, my amazing friend Mali actually bought me the cutest teapot for xmas.
91. Have a random, fun hangout with Jarryd - on the 05.01.11 Jlou and I went for a skate at the water-tower in Springwood. He had just got his new longboard and we went and had a fun time skating,racing and taking photos. 

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