Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 19 - Nicknames...

I have had many nicknames over the years, but these are the most common ones that I still get...
Belle... my Mum use to call me Chelly Belly, but it was shortened to Chell Belle and now just Belle. It has been adopted by some of my friends.
Chanel Bags... one of my friends mistakingly read Chanel (as in the brand) bags to be a nickname for me and now it has stuck ever since.
Chanels... just a shortened quick version of my name, I guess.

Here are a couple of the others...
Nell or Nelly... while in America, one of my friends I met there started calling me Nell or Nelly because none of the ski school kids could say my full name and it was easier. I don't get it that often back home, mostly its just kids that cannot say Chanelle.
Smells... one of my friends decided that it was a funny joke that every time someone said my name he would yell 'smells' after. So after awhile he just shortened it to smells...the funny thing was I started to answer to it after awhile. He has moved to sydney now so no more 'Chanelle Smells'

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