Thursday, December 9, 2010

101 things in 1001 days...

I have been talking a lot about my 101 list... well here it finally is. It is designed to make life more intentional, ensuring that the things I want to accomplish I actually do. I haven't completed that many as I only finished my list in the last month or so... and I thought I was cheating if I started before my list was complete haha. 

1.     Graduate from University
2.     Get a new EOS SLR camera
3.     Take more photos 
4.     Redecorate my room
5.     Get a Polaroid camera
6.     Take a road trip with friends
7.     Go to the snow again and perfect my snowboarding
8.     Get a Skateboard
9.     Start a blog
10. Make myself a piece of clothing
11. Get physically fit
12. Learn to play the Guitar
13. Make a funky pin board photo collage thing
14. Document and implement a personal style
15. Go for trip to melbourne and along the great ocean road in victoria
16. Do my skydive
17. Get a world map and pin where I want to travel
18. Make softies and take in to give to kids in hospital/charity
19. Go to the movies by myself
20. Get all the Criminal Minds Seasons on DVD
21. Find that someone special
22. Apply to volunteer at the Olympics or Commonwealth Games
23. Buy something from Esty
24. Go op shopping
25. Start a daily devotion and stick too it
26. Pray Journal
27. Buy a bookshelf
28. Buy some of my favourite and old vintage books
29. Go to State of Origin
30. Go and visit Grandy, Oma and Opa more often
31. Get a new pair of thongs
32. Loose 7kg before the end of 2011
33. Start saving for a house
34. Go camping
35. Clean out my closet
36. Make an effort to see my friends more regularly
37. Add 5 seasons to my TV series collection of various shows
38. Get Mum and Dad something nice just because I can once a months for a year.
39. Drive a V8 Supercar
40. Learn sign language 
41. Buy the rest of the Harry Potter Series
42. Update the songs on my ipod
43. Go to see more of Jarryd’s basketball games.
44. Get a new laptop 
45. Buy a pair of black jeans
46. Write random notes to my friends
47. Pay for the people food behind me at a drive through
48. Learn how to wakeboard
49. Go to the drive in movies
50. Watch the sunrise
51. Go to a 5 concerts
52. Print photos/frame and hang in my room
53. Donate blood
54. Go to Roller Derby
55. Wash my car every month for 6 months
56. Finish my SCUBA certification
57. Go kayaking with Dad
58. Leave post-it notes randomly around with inspirational quotes
59. 365 day photo challenge
60. Give 5 ‘I saw this and thought of you’ gifts
61. Build a time capsule
62. Sleep under the stars
63. Do an anonymous favour
64. Subscribe to a magazine
65. Read 50 books
66. Get the next level canoeing accreditation
67. Shoot a gun
68. Take mum to the Gold Class movies/girls night
69. Brush my teeth twice a day instead of only once
70. Host a dinner party/games night
71. Dye my hair red
72. Go to 5 football games
73. Don’t eat any junk/takeaway food for a month
74. Make sushi
75. Take Jarryd to a NBA game
76. Buy a teapot and drink more tea
77. Get a new hybrid bike
78. Ride from Gold Coast to Sydney when I graduate to fundraise for CF
79. Working overseas again…maybe Canada or back to the USA
80. Learn all the books of the bible again
81. Start collecting the books on my list
82. Reading the bible everyday
83. Collect more and organise all my craft stuff into boxes etc
84. Buy Jarryd a Bible
85. Get a record player
86. Start collecting old venal
87. Create a book of ‘myself’ – meaningful things throughout life
88. Go on a mission trip
89. Mail fun packages to 5 of my friends
90. Have an all-nighter
91. Have a random, fun hangout with Jarryd
92. Go to the driving range
93. Fill a jar with 5c pieces
94. Go to markets/suitcase rummage with Mali and Kel
95. Discover 5 new fun places to eat
96. Buy a lamp
97. Make my own bread
98. Find a vintage alarm clock and typewriter
99. Paint my wall so it is a chalkboard
100.   Grow a plant
101. Create a folder of all recipes and favourite foods 

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