Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well the beginning of my holidays has not been that eventful! But I have currently been making up for lost time while I was at uni including;
watching... Grey's Anatomy and 90210, I have been trying to catch up on TV series that I was unable to watch during the treacherous exam study.
eating... I have just finished making a chicken curry for dinner and it smells and hopefully tastes delicious. 
reading... I never use to be a big reader but in the past three days I have finished three books from the Vampire Diaries series, as I am totally hooked on the TV show, and have started my fourth book which is Harry Potter. I was inspired after watching the movie... ps. I love Ron Weasley.
listening to... a new playlist I have made on my Ipod which includes Regina Spektor,  Kate Nash, Natasha Bedingfield and James Morrison just to name a few. 
excited about... painting the wall in my room so that it is a chalkboard and I can draw and write what ever I want on it. 

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