Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 01 - some facts about me...

I believe this is the most recent photo I have of me...with my amazing brother at his formal. 
  1. I am now a fourth year Physio student
  2. I think I could be a great V8 super car driver if I had the training...and I totally want to drive one sometime in my life anyway
  3. I love being outdoors...especially in a kayak on beautiful clear water
  4. I am the oldest of two
  5. I really want to shoot a least once just to say I have done it
  6. I have recently been introduce to longboarding and love want my own board
  7. I have the travelling bug and would like to go overseas NOW...but I guess I could wait for Nepal next year
  8. I collect vinyl I just need a record player to listen to them
  9. Potato is my favourite food...I know its weird
  10. I procrastinate ALOT..especially when it is study
  11. I sing really loudly in the car by myself when I drive
  12. I would like to own a house on the snow one day
  13. I tend to talk really loudly...or so people tell me
  14. I am a movie buff
  15. Picnic with family and friends makes me happy

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